Monday, August 17, 2009


It seems as if the past two weeks have been so busy with so many things that trump the blog on my priority list. Our friends have been dealing with a seriously rough season of life and that has been where the majority of our time and energy has been dedicated lately. I thought that I might just leave the photography and the blog alone for a bit, feeling as if I just wasn't able to justify it during these tough times, however; I feel like this season of life has just reiterated the importance of capturing all the memories possible through photographs. Being able to look at a photograph of ourselves or our children smiling seems to help us through the tough times a little bit.

I have two sittings scheduled that will allow me to add some depth to my pending portfolio and gain that much more experience. Photography is so much more involved than I would have ever guessed before beginning my adventure. I have much to learn, but am finding that feeding a passion is much more enjoyable than learning something just because we have to do it.

Some important information that I failed to mention in my initial post: While I enjoy taking photographs of all nature has to offer, my focus will be on the following as I attempt to grow my business: children, families, sports, Sr. photos and engagement photos. At this juncture, I much prefer capturing the subject in natural light while "being themselves". I think there is a definite place for rigid poses, but I'm just not in "that place" at this time. Please help me spread the word as I travel this road.

Just a few of my recent photos:


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Keep at it! These are good!

August 17, 2009 at 6:53 PM  

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