Friday, August 7, 2009

Yesterday: A good day

Yesterday was quite the "up and down" day, albeit not necessarily in that order. Alisha posted yesterday morning that Ridge was having issues with low respiration and heart rate throughout the previous night and requested prayers for this. Aside from the aforementioned worries, Alisha wrote about her and Brandon's faith and how it would not be shaken by this. I knew, from previous difficult seasons, that these two are amazing people; however, I found a new tier of respect for them yesterday. As a parent, I know how easy it would be have a very different attitude than what the Cary's are exhibiting at this time. What an example they are for the rest of us.

Yesterday afternoon Alisha posted again at and, as you can read there, explains that even though Ridge hadn't had a transfusion, his platelet count and hemoglobin counts were on the rise!! That is such a blessing because of where his levels have been hovering for the last week and a half.

Brandon and Alisha seem to have been given a peace about the situation and have stated that they "can feel the prayers". I can tell you that there are a tremendous amount of people lifting this family up in prayer at this time. Ridge's story has spread like "wildfire" and people are wanting to help in any way they can. This tells me two things: First, it speaks to the fact that Brandon and Alisha(and their families) have touched many lives over the years. Second, it shows that regardless of how things look at times, people are still in the business of caring about more than themselves. Many have been touched by the Cary's story and now many are hoping to be a blessing back to the Cary's.

As I hear of massive amounts of blood and platelets being donated in Ridge's name, emergency blood drives being scheduled in his name, financial assistance being gathered to help the family, prayers going out from all over the state and the country...I am simply touched beyond description. To see loved ones hurting, knowing there is nothing you can do to make it "better", is an amazingly helpless feeling that I know we've all experienced. To know that those loved ones are being reached out to by the masses is incredibly touching to say the least. Thank you to everyone that has offered good thoughts, prayers, support, blood, our great friends. It means the world to me, so I can't fathom what it means to the parents of this precious baby boy.

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